Desperate for More… Housewives

Oh Well! dont look at me with those cross eyes and you are a pin head, if you thought that “Desperate Housewives” was for meant for , well, desperate housewives , NO . It is a feast for the mankind.
Me! I got hooked onto the housewives for Terry Hatcher, whose fan , I have been the Superman Series. Why this post? Simply! I liked the cover of the TVGuide issue with our dear Desperate Housewives on the front , in a 50’s retro look .

Eva Longoria Parker, Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Dana Delaney, and Nicolette Sheridan, the stars of everyone’s favorite Sunday night drama, Desperate Housewives, posed pinup-style, for the latest cover of TV Guide in very sexy and revealing retro fashion from the 1950’s, said a recent Trendhunter article.

For those dearly following what is happening with the housewives ,  The show has gone into its fifth season with the first episode aired around September 2008. The 5th season seems has a very confusing turn of events when the cast is hurled five years into the future.

Marc Cherry , The creator of Desperate Housewives, said in one of the interviews , ” will send his show hurtling half a decade into the future in its fifth season. It’s a rare and radical shake-up for a hit TV series—and also pretty weird since none of the ladies will visibly age.” … Good For US!!! 🙂

If you havn’t drolled on these housewives yet …  you are missing something! ( or everything)

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