Chinese Brush Painting Update

Needless to say the , from the pictures below , it is understood that Im heading northwords with my chinese brush paintings …. Thank U , Thank U!!! … There is still a lot to improve on, though. Then I have to progress to painitng  animals and birds too.
Meanwhile, believe it or not I’m happy to say  that I have already sold almost a dozen my paintings for almost $25 ( Rs. 1100) a peice …  No Kidding! Cool Haan!

These are paintings from the month of June and July ….. Comments Please!!!!


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  • Arshad Says:

    You know my passion for flowers…so one more reason for me to find them out of this world.You are becoming a proffesional…How about an exhibition in Srinagar?I think it will be great…apart from awareness you can make some quick bucks too.Keep it up.I will keep on mailing you the pics of my flowers,which should definetly help…Good job done.

  • Nikhil Says:

    Exhibition!!! humm! someone told me that here too … sure…
    And especially in Srinagar, people will know what these flowers are … here every one seems to like Bamboos only … cause that is only thing that they can relate too. Only a very few here might have seen Poppy, Camelia, Plum Blossoms, Pokers etc …

  • Pankaj Parekh Says:

    Absolutely great paintings dude!!

  • Nikhil Says:

    hey Thanks Tons Pankaj, that is every encouraging!

  • Priya Says:

    WOW! these r just suuuuuuuuuuuperb!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i just had my b’day. y didnt u remember to gift me one of these?
    i still remember u used to teach us calligraphy. tell me whn u can spare some time to teach this. ur first 2 students – me & my daughter.
    keep going.

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