Glimpses Of Sahara : CSI Airport Mumbai

I dont remember exactly but may be around 7-8 years back, in the days when I frequented between London Heahtrow and Mumbai…An announcement by the Chief Stewardess of British Airways surprised me … “Welcome to Chattrapati Shivaji International Terminal…” she addressed !!! … I told myself that either, I have boarded the wrong plane or this stewardess has consumed a good dose of FREE Wine, that she was meant to serve us… Something was wrong!. I was supposed to fly into “Sahara International” from “London Heathrow” … How did I reach “Chattrapati Shivaji International Terminal” ???


As you might have already guessed, it dint take long to clear the dust. Thank Lord! I was at Bombay, Oopps !!! Mumbai, where I was designated to be. Only that the name of the Airport had been changed from SI (Sahara International) to CSI (Chattrapati Shivaji International)


Thats history!!!!… last week (2nd May 2009) I went to Saha…. Sorry! … CSI to receive some friend of mine . and once again that incident flashed before me. Well! This time I knew for sure that I was at the right place. The looks of the International Airport has just changed. It looks very different from what it used to be, Yeah! surely different for good.

If you have been outside Mumbai/India and have not been to Mumbai in while, I bet, you will have a similar experience that I had, surprised! The car park outside the arrivals has been replaced by a 4 storied Multilevel parking … The receiving areas has a proper canopy … some place to while away the long waits, sitting! … a small Clock tower … some Plam trees … some greenery …


So to reduce to your shock when next time you land at Mumbai, I have posted a few pictures below of the Arrivals at Mumbai CSI Airport! … If you LIKE SURPRISES and would like to keep it until you arrive to Mumbai next time … DONOT SCROLL DOWN!!!