Sep 14 2005

The Begining Of A Great Philosopher or is it?

<h3>”Blogging is the way to go”</h3>
Well! I had a start some day. Been thinking for a long while to start my own blog. Not because I wanted to be a part of bandwagon but because I was always inspired to do so. What better to be born again, than today … IT IS MY BIRTHDAY

Who inspired? The list is endless. The few books I have read, loads of  people I have meet , countless movies I have seen, infinite work I have done, several friends I have made, and VERY IMPORTANT , All those million spam emails that we receive everyday …. etc. and Especially, not to forget all those moral stories, that we keep hearing  from dad. Personally and Sincerely!  one  prime reason  for me to start writing was to improve my own knowledge of this beautiful world.  Also! I feel that writing is the best form of therapy and self healing. Believe Me! Try it today!