May 2 2009

Wife Quotes: In Conversation

“Making Conversations is like Playing Antakshari

…. Smita’s

Apr 11 2008

If you are not moving…?

…. As usual, my wife inspires me agian. Here’s a new quote. Very common meaning …. but well, hear it again….

“ If you are not moving…. you are in your grave!”

… Smita’s
PS: Not My Literary Work !

Nov 2 2007

A person in need

I guess, I have mentioned it earlier … but , LIKE ME , my wifey is a bit of a filosofer too. May I add , just like me … believe it or not , this is straight from THE horses mouth …

“ A person in need , Is a fool indeed “


Strong philosophy haan! … reminds me of Marie Antoinette’s

“ If you dont have bread , eat cake”

… Can you see some similarity here … :)