Oct 16 2019

Important things , Money cannot buy!

Just some old thought put together , but very important for everyone to keep in mind … To lead a fruitful life , one needs to have  four  things , and  unfortunately , none of  them can be bought with  money.

  1. Good health
    Money can buy medicines , but not the health to enjoy life.
  2. Good Company 
    Money can buy a team, escorts etc. but not good selfless friends,  who will be there till the end
  3. Interest to seek knowledge
    Money can buy books and even degrees, but not the thirst for knowledge
  4. Interest in art & craft
    Money can buy courses, teachers, tools  and materials , but not the eye of an artist and skills of  a craftsmen


May 18 2018

We choose trouble!

  • We invite troubles on ourselves by choosing to live in the cities. We are happy to find apartments and houses closer to hospitals, when they wont be needed as often if we had a simple country lives 😌
  • Most of our  post 40’s life is spent at the hospitals either for ourselves or for others 😳

Jun 16 2017

Is it some kind of bias?

People easily get influenced by terrorist activities or incidents , but rarely get influenced by good acts.