Oct 16 2019

Important things , Money cannot buy!

Just some old thought put together , but very important for everyone to keep in mind … To lead a fruitful life , one needs to have  four  things , and  unfortunately , none of  them can be bought with  money.

  1. Good health
    Money can buy medicines , but not the health to enjoy life.
  2. Good Company 
    Money can buy a team, escorts etc. but not good selfless friends,  who will be there till the end
  3. Interest to seek knowledge
    Money can buy books and even degrees, but not the thirst for knowledge
  4. Interest in art & craft
    Money can buy courses, teachers, tools  and materials , but not the eye of an artist and skills of  a craftsmen


May 23 2010

To Be Or Not To Be!

Life is NOT about choices… Its about doing everything you want to.


May 14 2010

Todays Dreams!!!

Yet unfulfilled dreams are the key to an exciting future… ND

Mar 27 2010

Life is though!

When you cant go around it … You have to go through it


Mar 20 2010

Love Thyself …

Praise Yourself … Feel Good… For Free

– ND

Mar 15 2010

Being Impossible

I could be impossible … because I exist


Mar 14 2010

I dont wont to miss out …

I’d rather MESS-UP than MISS-OUT …


Mar 6 2010

Being Abnormal

Abnormal is the NEW Normal …


Feb 23 2010

Today was just like yesterday But …

“Tomorrow surely will be different!”


Feb 23 2010


Expectation is the root cause of all evil…

… ND