Mar 8 2006

Life Actually Has No Meaning

Life actually has no meaning

What I mean is, sometimes we all should just live life  as it comes to you… If we try to find meaning in everything, then we get no time to live it… we loose the fun bit.

Also …

Meaning of life is what you make of it …


Dad’s addition to the philosophy :-

Once upon a time , a teacher – puplil conversation…
Teacher : “Why do you have to study ?”
Pupil :  “ To pass in the exams.”
Teacher : “Why do you want to pass in the exams?”
Pupil : “To get a nice job.”
Teacher : “Why do you want to get a nice job?”
Pupil : “To make lots of money.”
Teacher : “Why do you want lots of money?”
Pupil : “To have a nice life.”
Teacher : ”Why do you want to live?”

Normally! we never think, why we exist. Think for a while , I’ll give my answer some day….watch this space.