Nov 18 2018

How to rid this planet of Themacol.

Best way to get rid of thermacol is to convert it into confetti and put in a bean bags … No matter how much ever confetti I put into the bean bag , it seems to get empty in a few days 😂

Sep 13 2018

Avengers and Gods

Parents can be give figurines of super powered characters to play with, but cannot give idols of super gods … You are not supposed to play with it

Feb 1 2018

I like these, Idioms

There are few phrases that people often use to describe life or or situation . Here are a few I like…

  • C’est La Vie –  ‘Such is life‘ or ‘That’s life‘.
  • Carpe Diem –  usually translated as “Seize the day” literally means “Pluck the day”
  • Momento Mori – “Remember that you must die‘ a symbolic reminder of that we all die some day
  • Mea Culpa – “through my fault” ,an individual’s acknowledgment that he did something wrong

Aug 16 2017

Is Hair Loss a big SECRET Theory too?

  • Many of us would surely believe some kind of theory for creation or evolution of Mankind. Most of us who look at life with a little deeper understanding would surely agree that every creation around us, right from so called highly intelligent people to smallest creatures or any natural creation, Like say micro organisms , weeds, insects etc., has a meaning for its existence. The way humans are created or evolved is one of the most interesting points to ponder .Me being a bit silly, has been wondering, why would a man be born with no or little hair ,then grow some like crazy for a while, so much so, that it would need heavy maintenance and then start shedding it just on the scalp , but still keep growing like crazy on rest of parts.
  • Also , if law of attraction(the secret) were true, shouldn’t the power of manifestation of strong desires result in a full head of hair with so many middle.aged people wanting some hair on their heads ?

Jun 16 2017

Is it some kind of bias?

People easily get influenced by terrorist activities or incidents , but rarely get influenced by good acts.

Mar 16 2016

No Brain er!

helmet issue… Why is it OK for Kids not to wear helmet in India ?

Feb 14 2015

Tinted Glass in Vehicles …

  • It’s illegal to have tinted glass in your private vehicles to facilitate identification, then isn’t wearing a tinted helmet in contradiction to this rule?
  • Many crimes as we know it is done by helmet wearing unidentified assailants
  • Tinted glass on mercedes is ok but not ok for maruti . Cheaper car gets towed.  Right?

Nov 13 2014

Why are the emoticons Bald?

bald is beautiful …

Jan 11 2013

The 5 year question …

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? …  On a hammock by the pool with some bbq and beer

Sep 14 2012

Cake on the face

I hate the idea of smearing birthday cake on the face ….